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On Tuesday May 6, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. Essential Tremor Toronto is hosting it’s third annual fundraising event SHAKE IT UP! Join our efforts to raise awareness by attending our event or by sending your donation. Get involved!

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We are an informal, self-managed, self-help group run by and for people who have essential tremor. At our meetings we openly discuss the challenges of living with essential tremor and exchange ideas in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our information and support meetings are held at First Unitarian Congregation – 175 St Clair Ave West, Toronto

Upcoming Support and Information Meetings dates:

Wednesday September 17, 2014

Wednesday November 19, 2014

Details on our guest speakers and activties will be announced in August. Stay tuned!



Saturday, April 26

Julie Vaughan-Graham, physiotherapist, Bobath Instructor and co-owner of Physio-Logic, Neurological Rehabilitation spoke about the Bobath concept.  This is a neurorehabilitation approach that is widely used worldwide in the treatment of individuals who have a neurological condition. for more information, visit physio-logic Neurologic Rehabilitation or call 416 490 8243

Saturday, March 1

In response to various requests, Lina Mockus ND Doctor for Naturopathic Medicine offered a presentation on alternative treatments for the symptoms of ET. To view her presentation visit our “Resources” page.


Tuesday, November 26

Topic of the evening: “Insight into Essential Tremor and Current Treatments Available” was presented by Dr. Dr Renato P. Muhnoz, Neurologist at the Movement Disorders Centre, Toronto Western Hospital.

Thursday, October 17th

Special information session with guest speaker Dr. Michael Schwartz, former head of neurosurgery at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Dr. Shwartz’s presentation focused on the revolutionary use of MRI-guided focused ultrasound to successfully treat patients who suffer from debilitating tremors in their arms and hands.

Wednesday May 8thShake It Up !

Our second annual fundraising event in support of the Movement Disorders Clinic at the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Toronto Western Hospital. Thanks to world-class violinist Moshe Hammer, our volunteers and many donors, Shake It Up! was a fantastic success.

Wednesday, April 3rd

Maya Hammer (M.A. Counseling Psychology), from the Health Psychology Clinic, facilitated a session on the issues we encounter during important social gatherings and how ET can affect our self-confidence. Topics included: management of anxiety, avoidance, expectations and how to cope with critical/judgmental thoughts.


Wednesday, November 28th

Dr D. Kelly (Psychologist) facilitated an interactive session addressing the issues of anxiety and ET. Focusing on “mindfulness” exercises, Dr. Kelly provided useful and practical tips that can be easily incorporated into our daily routines.

These are the most recent meetings and activities. For information on our past meetings, please send us an email:


Join us to learn, understand and accept Essential Tremor as a part of your life